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See a player doing something against the rules but no staff were on? Report the player here. Follow the format and post a new thread in this forum Failure to follow the format will result in immediate denial

You need a forum account to make a report topic.

Faking evidence will result in a complete denial of the topic, a temporary ban in the game, and a strike on the forums for reporting players.
Appeal Format​

IGN: Name
The name(s) of the violator(s):
Reason; What did the violator(s) do to break the rules?
Evidence; Screenshot, video ...
Server; On which server did the violator(s) break the rules.​

Without evidence we, as staff members, can not check whether the player has broken this rule indeed. So please always attach proof.

Reports sent in any other way (e.g. private message, email, etc) will be directed back to the report section here with no further answer.

If you are shown to be faking evidence or no evidence and just to waste our time, you will receive a strike. 2 strikes on the forums and you will no longer allowed to report staff or players and apply for staff through the forums!
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